Professional Development for Teachers

Professional Development sessions are designed specifically to meet the needs of the entities requesting the work. They are structured to last 1-2 hours and can be recurring in series form. All sessions are interactive and offer take-away resources for developmental work to continue. 

PURPOSE:To provide a structured and informative outline of solutions in the content area of Racism, Race Relations and Social Justice to schools and community organizations and its staff. 


1. To increase awareness of the importance of cultural competency in schools by 50%

2. To engage 100 % of faculty/staff in culturally relevant conversation as it impacts their work as educators in urban school settings.


We Got Yall: Being culturally aware without trying to be a "savior".

Get Into It: Culturally Relevant Teaching"

Black Boys in the Classroom: Best practices for engaging male students of color


Kevin Gold is a trained facilitator in Cultural Competency, specializing in Male Engagement and how to effectively engage male students of color. His resume is as follows: Maritime Academy Charter School, Mastery Charter Schools, Building 21 High School, and Arcadia University.

Pricing is $125 per hour per session. For booking, email at

Youth Workshops

Workshops are centered around the following: youth development, male engagement/empowerment, and life skills. Each workshop is uniquely designed to fit the need of the audience, as it pertains to the focus areas. In each session, participants experience interactive learning through activities, peer-to-peer collaborations, think-tank sessions and a host of informative dialogue. Workshops are facilitated to support various learning styles and give each person a sense of belonging, community and self-worth.


Workshop consultation for interested institutions is set up by an initial phone call or email exchange. After which, an in-person meeting that will allow the facilitator to get acclimated with workshop space, collaborating partners and/or staff members, as well as to create a finalized, structured plan of facilitation. All interested parties should send email of interest to