All the Kings Men, Inc. is a mentorship program designed to engage young males of color, ages 10-18, in the areas of personal and academic development and growth and community outreach.


We have structured programming elements within schools and communities around the city of Philadelphia, offering a wide range of mentorship, structured students support intervention plans (schools), focus-centered school-based mentoring programming, male engagement curriculum development and implementation, male empowerment forums and conferences.


All the KINGS Men Mentorship component is designed to connect younger males with older males as a form of positive partnership to further instill into the young men the values of manhood and what it means to grow and mature into manhood. 

Our board reviews all mentee/mentor applications to ensure that each mentee is matched with mentor that will boost their confidence, expose them to things that will enhance their overall viewpoint of manhood and be there as a resource that will help his mentee set up a system to measure his achievements and accomplish his goals.