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KINGS University is an initiative designed to develop young males of color under the principles of Leadership, Power and Access. This 8 week Male Development/Empowerment course captivates all of the essential elements of successfully grooming young boys to young men.

Co-founded by Kevin Gold and Vincent Garrett, Kings University was created to expose boys of color to experiences different from what is usually offered to them. This 8 week program held in the Fall and Spring at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania is built on three pillars leadership, power and access.

  • LEADERSHIP is important as it is a quality all young males possess but at times, struggle to execute, for various reasons. Kings University lifts the truth of what that could mean for each individual by giving them roles and responsibilities that will active the inner leader in them all.

  • The pillar of POWER  reflects the young male’s ability to operate under the influence of self-awareness, truth and the permission to “be”. Each participant will learn about the power he possess to take ownership of the life he’s destined to live. 

  •  The pillar of ACCESS invites the young male into the mindset shift that, through effectively completing Kings University programming, will create a new, more refined sense of self. He will now literally have access to a plethora of connections that will support his growth and success for years to come.



8 week Course Session outline:

Wk. 1: Mental Health 

Wk. 2: Success Stories (panel discussion)

Wk. 3: Financial Literacy

Wk. 4: Social Justice: Boys of Color and the Criminal Justice System (Panel)

Wk. 5: Healthy Relationships

Wk. 6: Open Session/Presentation Practice

Wk. 7: Class Trip

Wk. 8: Closing Ceremony